Berguedà getaway, the most beautiful area in Catalonia

Normally, no matter how much you travel, there will always be places closer to home that are worth visiting. For me, the Berguedà region will be one of those corners in Catalonia that, no matter how far I travel,  will always be put on a pedestal. Along with the Vall d’Aran, it is one of the most beautiful places in Catalonia. I hope you are encouraged to make a getaway to Berguedà to discover all of its charms.

All my summers and camping weekends at Berguedà campsite have left their mark. Year after year, they have made me discover different places and towns, all of them being equally beautiful. So first I’m going to tell you about the towns that I think you should visit.

Towns & villages in Berguedà


When you enter the Berguedà, you will most definitely have to go through Berga. This small town is the capital of the region and therefore, where you will find more services such as restaurants and supermarkets to stock up on for your holidays. Still, Berga is also worth a stroll through its old town and up to the Queralt sanctuary. Berga is the scene of one of the best-known Catalan festivities: the Patum de Berga.

berga capital bergueda


The church and the Roman bridge are just some of the things to see on the streets of Bagá. This town of Berguedà is anchored in the Bastareny river valley. Several routes can be made from Bagá, among which I recommend the Camí de Serra as it is very simple to do even with the family. It is a circular route, quite flat and with banks at certain points.

Castellar de n’Hug

Castellar de Nuch is one of the most beautiful villages in the Pyrenees. Its location with great views makes it an ideal town for a getaway in Berguedà. In fact, there are several accommodations in Castellar de Nuch where the views from the windows are spectacular. We recommend taking a walk through its cobbled streets and get a giant croissant as snack at Cal Plats in the main square.

To finish, right next to it are the Llobregat springs, the point where the Llobregat river rises.

castellar de n'hug bergueda

La Pobla de Lillet

Before reaching Castellar de Nuch, you will find the town of La Pobla de Lillet. The bridge, its streets, and the Can Artigas gardens built by Antoni Gaudí are just some of the corners to enjoy in this town. The entire area in which it is located invites you to lose yourself in nature.


Gósol is probably one of my favorite towns. Along with Saldres, they are found at the foot of the Pedraforca mountain. I suggest you experience the local life of the town, go up to the ruins of its castle or go up to Font Terrers by car where you can enjoy a good picnic and walk in nature.

castillo de gosol


I still remember when I went to Saldes every weekend and summers to buy the delicious sweet coconuts from Forn El Roure. Cream, glass, greaves or chocolate; surely you will find one that you like. Saldes is also worth a walk through its streets, have a drink in the central square, and drive up to the Gresolet viewpoint.

What to see and do in Berguedà

From the towns of Berguedà that I have mentioned, you can do a wide variety of activities to enjoy the environment offered by this part of the Catalan Pyrenees. It would be impossible to mention each and every one of the places where you have amazing scenery, so I will tell you four that I highly recommend.

Can Artigas Gardens

Who could have thought that in Pobla de Lillet, a small town hidden in the Pyrenees, you could be able to find an architectural creation by Antoni Gaudí. These gardens were made between 1905 and 1906 by the architect as gratitude to Mr. Artigas for hosting him while he was building the Catllaràs chalet. Just like one of Gaudi’s masterpieces called the Park Güell, the entire design of the gardens is perfectly integrated with nature creating figures and shapes that you would not expect to see in construction.

Do you want to visit the Can Artigas Gardens?

You can check prices, hours and more information on the website of the town of Pobla de Lillet.

Jardines de Can Artiges en Pobla de Lillet
Photograph of the Can Artiges gardens for “Traveling to Barcelona” (

Fonts del Llobregat

The Llobregat waterfalls located just below Castellar de Nuch at 1,300m altitude, is where the great Llobregat River in Catalonia originates from. There is a wooden path that takes you right down to the waterffalls. The flow of water depends on the time of year so it is recommended to go in spring coinciding with the thaw.

To get to the source of the Llobregat river you can leave your car in the parking lot at the entrance to Castellar de Nuch and start the walk downhill. The road conditions are good, even with places to stop and rest. The path is not long but it takes about 20 minutes and keep in mind that walking back to the car will be completely uphill.

ir a las fonts del llobregat castellar de n'hug

Queralt Sanctuary

The Sanctuary of Santa Maria de Queralt is located in the north of the city of Berga at 1,200m altitude. The castle of Guillem de Berguedà used to be located in the same location. You can reach it on foot, on a long and difficult uphill route or by car on the paved road. Once on top, you can enjoy the balcony of Catalonia with its spectacular views. I advise you to walk beyond the sanctuary and follow the path to the left to reach another viewpoint area. From here, it follows a narrow path that makes a circular route going a little into the forest until it appears at the back of the sanctuary. I recommend you take this walk of about 30 minutes if you have the time.

I recommend you go at sunset since the colors are spectacular.

santuario de queralt berga


This mountain with the altitude of 2,506m, attracts attention for its peculiar double top shape. Reaching the summit is just one of the many activities to do in Gósol. It can take about six hours to get on and off the Pedraforca. If you do not find yourself with the strength to climb it, I recommend the 360º route where you can still enjoy seeing equally beautiful landscapes.

pedraforca gosol bergueda

I hope I have given you several ideas to make the most of your getaway to Berguedà. These are just a few brushstrokes of what can be found in the Pyrenees. There are plenty of rural and camping accommodations in the area to find comfort at the end of each day.

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