Visit the Krimml waterfalls, the highest in Austria

When you are planning an itinerary in Austria you have to make sure to include its essentials as well as its most beautiful places. When it comes to natural landscapes, Austria has quite a handful of them as most of the country’s territory is part of the Alps. One such place to visit is the Krimml waterfalls.

In this article, I will tell you all the information you need to get to the Krimml waterfalls, located very close to the Grossglockner Alpine Road.

How to get to the Krimml waterfalls

The Krimml waterfalls are located 1km from the town of Krimml. It is really difficult to get there by public transportation due to its location. To do so, you would have to take a variety of trains and buses. So if your trip is not by car and you want to go to the Krimml waterfalls, you will have to find a group excursion that will take you to the place.

In my case, I did this trip through Austria by car so I had no problems getting there. I recommend going to the Krimml waterfalls from Innsbruck on the way to Salzburg, Vienna, or the south of the country. The Krimml waterfalls are located at:

  • 97km, 1h35min from Innsbruck
  • 158km, 2h10min from Salzburg
  • 447km, 4h40min from Vienna

Once you get to the village of Krimml, you will see many signs indicating the waterfalls. There are several car parks until you reach the main entrance. It is best to park in the parking lot located in front of the entrance to the waterfalls. There are bathrooms as well as several information panels with the route to the highest point of the waterfall, services, prices and schedules in the parking area.

precio cascada de krimml en austria

Prices and visiting hours

Despite being a natural space, the waterfall is in a protected area with certain infrastructure that has to be cared for and maintained. This is why you have to pay an entrance fee to access the waterfall area and climb the path next to it.

The Kürsingerplatz is where you will find the ticket office, souvenir shop, a small cafeteria and services. This area is completely accessible for the disabled, with the terrain being flat or on a ramp.

You can visit the waterfall from mid-April to October each year. The price is as follows:

  • Adults: €4
  • Children (from 6 to 15 years): €1

They also sell a combined ticket that gives access to the waterfalls as well as the Krimml Water Worlds park, a small fun area for the little ones. In this case, the combined ticket has the following price:

  • Adults: €10
  • Children (from 6 to 15 years): €5

visitar cascada de krimml

Waterfall tour

The Krimml waterfall is the highest in all of Austria and one of the highest in Europe. It has a waterfall of 380m high and is one of the most visited places in all of Austria with almost half a million visitors a year. The river Krimml Ache is the source of water for this great waterfall.

You can see the Krimml waterfall from the Kürsingerplatz and walk a short path to the foot of the waterfall. The best option, and for which it is worth paying the price of access to the area, is to travel the 4.15km road. This well-marked and disabled accessible trail was made by the Austrian mountaineering association in 1900. It is a route that climbs up the right side of the waterfalls to its highest point. There are benches to sit and rest as well as viewpoints towards the waterfalls along the way. This path has a height difference of 431m and it takes just over an hour to cover it entirely.

You don’t have to be very fit to do this route, although you have to bear in mind that it uphill the entire way. I saw people of all ages doing it during my visit.

I hope you have cleared all your doubts to visit the Krimml waterfalls. Without a doubt, it is one of the essentials of your travel itinerary to Austria.

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