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Where do you want to travel today?

Here you will find the travel destinations that I have known in my free travels. I usually travel with my backpack on my back to slowly discover each of the travel destinations I visit. I collect all the information about the destination that the traveler may need and that I have personally missed while preparing the trip.

Therefore, behind each country guide, you will find a series of travel itineraries, advice for travelers, an estimate of the cost of the trip, and how to travel, always, in a responsible manner.

Click on the country to visit to see the travel guide which we have made based on our experience:


As residents in Spain, we have the countries of Europe super close. Although we like to travel far to discover cultures completely unknown to us, we must not forget what is closest to us.

We have known European countries on short breaks, months-long trips and even car trips. No matter how close some countries are to each other, each European travel destination is completely different and offers options for any type of traveler. And you, where do you want to travel?


Traveling to Asia is our weakness. When it comes to travel destinations, Asia is the continent we would return to again and again. One after another, we have fallen in love with all Asian countries for their unique culture, their religion, their people, and landscapes. There is nothing like slowly discovering each of the Asian countries with backpacks on your back.

We have even repeated in some of them since if a place stays with part of your heart, why not come back to remember how it happened?


This is my least explored continent which I would love to visit more. In the article, you can find information about traveling to the United States from multiple points of view: as a tourist alone or, as a couple, living in the country or studying in it.

These are all the experiences we have had collected over different trips to the United States. Click below to know more traveling to the United States:


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