Japan Travel Guide

Traveling to Japan is traveling to a destination full of contrasts, culture, traditions and good food! From our first trip to Japan we fell in love with this country and made sure we returned to it. It is a travel destination that you can go to at any time of the year to enjoy it differently. We hope to break down all the information you are looking for in this Japan travel guide.

On this page we tell you about the basic information of the country, the essential things to see in Japan, travel itinerary, how much it costs to travel to the country, where to sleep and where to eat. Are you ready to organize your trip to Japan?




-You need to have a valid passport.

-For information on travel permits and visas required for Japan, visit the official Japan tourism website.

– Power adapter required.

– Plug type A/B.

– Time Zone: GMT +9

– You can find many Wifi points in the city.

– We recommend renting a pocket wifi with Japan Wireless.

– The official currency is the Yen. Check XE.com for the current change.

– 100 Yen = 0,75€

– Vaccines are not required for travellers from most countries. Check the official japan travel website for more information

– Japan is one of the safest countries I have visited. Take the precautions you would have anywhere else.

-Japan has four very marked seasons. Cold winters and hot summers.

– In spring the cherry blossoms (sakura) happens and in Autumn the Maple leaf (momiji). Those are the two best times to travel.



The capital of Japan is one of the largest cities in the world. You can find great contrasts in each neighborhood.


Kyoto is, without a doubt, the most traditional city in Japan. It contains some of the most important temples in the country.


The city of Nara has some of the oldest temples. It is also known for the dozens of wild deer that live there.

Japanese alps

Mountains and hiking trails that lead from town to town. The Nakasendo route is a well-known route that once linked Tokyo with Kyoto.


The place where one of the worst chapters of modern history happened. Hiroshima was completely destroyed by the atomic bomb.

qué ver en Nagoya en japón


The great unknown and forgotten of central Japan: Nagoya. This business city also keeps its charm in its streets:


The itinerary to travel to Japan will depend on the days you have available. How many days do you need?  The maximum possible.

I have traveled to Japan four and I still have a lot to discover. For a first time in Japan I recommend focusing on Tokyo and Kyoto and their surroundings.

Here’s the 19-day itinerary  that I made during my firt trip to Japan so you can get an idea and use it as a guide for yours:


The issue of transportation in Japan always raises many questions and changes a lot from one city to another.

If you plan to make many trips from one city to another during your trip to Japan, you should buy the Japan Rail Pass. If, on the other hand, you focus on Kyoto or Tokyo, it probably won’t pay off. I leave you with my guide to the JR Pass:


Looking for accommodation in Japan can be difficult. We have different options, all of them being very different from each other. If you want to live a more traditional experience we can stay in a ryokan. If, on the other hand, you are looking for something more economical, you can stay in an apartment and living as any Japanese would.

If you have a low budget, in Japan you will find hostels where you can share a room with other travelers.

You can search for your accommodation through this link.


I always recommend taking out travel insurance for any unforeseen event that may happen. Travel insurance can help us in the event of theft, loss of luggage or flight cancellation.

I use travel insurance from IATI Seguros in the IATI Backpacking package for my trips. You can check the information on their standard, family and adventure packs on their website.


Japan has a reputation for being an expensive country, but is it really? In this travel guide to Japan we want to get to the bottom of it.

A trip to Japan will be as expensive as you want. There are many activities and tours to do in Japan that will make your budget vary. The food in Japan can be very affordable and even cheap. Accommodations and transportation are similarly priced to that of western European countries.

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