Hello! My name is Patrícia and I am the person behind GTMDreams.

Since 2013 I tell you how to travel for free, how to be a responsible tourist and my adventures doing mountain and nature tourism.

This blog started, along with the Youtube Channel under the same name, in June 2013. Initially, I wanted to share my life in the United States, the country I moved to in June 2012, as well as traditions, festivities, and the reality of the American dream. After deciding to return to Spain, little by little it expanded to give practical and useful information so that other travelers can organize their trips for free. The travel guides to each destination consist of articles on how to organize a trip, budgets, itineraries Travel guides to each destination made with love.

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About the GTMDreams blog

In this blog, I want to capture all the information that I would have liked to find when I organized my trips. Beyond sharing my personal experience, I want to help the traveler organize his adventures in a practical way.

Today the blog is a professional project in which I help other companies in the tourism and travel sector to promote their services as long as they are directly related to my travel experience and my way of traveling.

Today the blog has:

+40.000 visitors per month

+ 70.000 visits per month

+ 15.000 followers on social networks

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About Patrícia Molina

Do you want to know a little more about me? I was born in Barcelona on September 1, 1992.

Since I was a child I have been lucky enough to travel by car with my parents in Spain and the odd trip to Europe in 1992. Also, I remember fondly every weekend, spring, and summer vacation at the campsite at the foot of the Pedraforca. Mountain vacations, along with my six years as a scout, have made me a lover of mountains and adventure.

A good getaway or trip is always accompanied by landscape, nature, and mountains. In 2017 I fulfilled the dream of trekking to Everest base camp and, to date, it remains one of the greatest adventures I have ever experienced.

The online world has always caught my attention and since I was very young I had my profile on each of the new platforms that were emerging, from Myspace to Tumblr to Fotolog. When I was 17, I created my first blog using Blogger and I started to probe the ground with WordPress.

After Barcelona, the United States is my second home. I have been fortunate to get to know American culture first hand by living in Boston for several months and in Orlando for years where I studied a university degree in Business specializing in the entertainment industry. My studies have been complemented with a diploma in Music Business, events and protocol as well as a master in digital marketing I work for small and large companies taking their communication, social networks, and online marketing.

My desire to know different parts of the world is never satiated. In 2016 I quit my office job to start my life as a freelancer, to better combine travel with work.

Countries visited to-date

Beyond GTMDreams

I am part of the association Barcelona Travel Bloggers and Hispanic Travel Bloggers. Both associations are intended to train, professionalize, and give visibility to travel blogs both nationally and internationally.

At Barcelona Travel Bloggers I have been part of the organizing team for major events #BcnTB4, #BcnTB5  and #BcnTB6  each bringing together over 100 assistant travel bloggers in one grand celebration. In this great celebration, visibility is given to a tourist area of Catalonia, which hosts the event, and it has also given space to major brands such as Ria Exchange, KLM, Tourism of Macao, Tourism of Israel, and Olympus, all who sponsored the event.

In 2016 I became part of the organizing team of   The Great Travel Days, created by Itziar and Pablo, in the organization of these  conferences   that have been held in Spain annually for seven years. 

In 2017 I created the agency and consulting Talentua   based in Barcelona. Where we help companies, specializing in the medical sector, to make the leap to digitization and expand their space in the online world.

That same year I also started working at the travel agency Persiguiendo El Viento   (Chasing the Wind) where I was in charge of logistics and travel budgets as well as online strategy (content, social networks, and web positioning).

You have seen me in various media participating in articles or where I have been interviewed both on television, radio, or newspapers. You can see all of my media appearances by clicking here.

In addition, I have held various talks and training workshops in the field of online marketing and travel.